GroupId org.apache.httpcomponents

Artifact + Usage Description
httpclient 35399 Apache HttpComponents Client
httpcore 8972 Apache HttpComponents Core (blocking I/O)
httpmime 6240 Apache HttpComponents HttpClient - MIME coded entities
fluent-hc 1840 Apache HttpComponents Client fluent API
httpasyncclient 1690 Apache HttpComponents AsyncClient
httpclient-cache 852 Apache HttpComponents HttpClient - Cache
httpcore-nio 838 Apache HttpComponents Core (non-blocking I/O)
httpclient-osgi 401 Apache HttpComponents Client (OSGi bundle)
httpcore-osgi 220 Apache HttpComponents Core (OSGi bundle)
httpclient-android 90
httpcore-niossl 20 HttpComponents Core (NIO SSL extensions)
httpclient-win 16 Apache HttpClient Windows specific functionality
httpcore-ab 13 Apache AB clone based on HttpCore
httpcomponents-core 7 Apache HttpComponents Core is a library of components for building HTTP enabled services
jakarta-httpcore 6 HttpComponents Core (Java 1.3 compatible)
httpasyncclient-osgi 4 Apache HttpComponents AsyncClient (OSGi bundle)
httpasyncclient-cache 3 Apache HttpComponents AsyncClient Cache
jakarta-httpcore-nio 1 HttpComponents Core (NIO extensions)
hc-stylecheck 0 Shared stylecheck plugin configuration for HC projects
httpcomponents-asyncclient 0 Apache components to build asynchronous client side HTTP services
httpcomponents-client 0 Apache HttpComponents Client is a library of components for building client side HTTP services
jakarta-httpcore-niossl 0 HttpComponents Core (NIO SSL extensions)
maven-notice-plugin 0 Maven plugin for automatic generation of NOTICE and LICENSE resources
maven-site-skin 0 Maven custom skin allowing specification of footer elements
project 0 Apache components to build HTTP enabled services