GroupId com.spotify

Artifact + Usage Description
helios-client 1468
docker-client 657 A docker client
helios-service-registration 547
helios-system-tests 474
helios-services 447
helios-testing 330
helios-tools 310
helios-testing-common 310
logging 186 Support classes for logging using logback and slf4j
apollo-api 114
ssh-agent-proxy 111 A Java library that talks to the local ssh-agent.
apollo-core 99
scio-core_2.11 85 Scio - A Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow
scio-core_2.10 81 Scio - A Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow
apollo-environment 75
apollo-test 68
styx-common 60
apollo-api-impl 60
styx-test 47
apollo-entity 40
scio-schemas_2.10 40 scio-schemas
scio-schemas_2.11 40 scio-schemas
styx-schedule-source 40
completable-futures 40 Convenience utilities for working with asynchronous Java 8
apollo-metrics 33
apollo-okhttp-client 30
scio-bigquery_2.10 22 Scio add-on for Google BigQuery
scio-bigquery_2.11 22 Scio add-on for Google BigQuery
folsom 21
styx-api-service 20
apollo-http-service 20
styx-local-files-source 20
styx-scheduler-service 20
dns 19 A thin wrapper around dnsjava for some features related to SRV lookups.
scio-test_2.11 19 Scio helpers for ScalaTest
scio-test_2.10 19 Scio helpers for ScalaTest
scio-extra_2.11 18 Scio extra utilities
apollo-jetty-http-server 15
apollo-route 15
scio-extra_2.10 14 Scio extra utilities
apollo-extra 7
crtauth 3 A public key backed client/server authentication system
missinglink-core 3
dockerfile-maven-extension 3 Adds support for docker-info dependencies in Maven
annoy 2 Approximate nearest neighbors in Java
hamcrest-util 2
metrics-munin-reporter 1 Munin reporter for Coda Hale's metrics lib
client-tls 1
futures-extra 1
ssh-agent-tls 0 A library that generates X.509 certificates and signs them with SSH agent. For use in client-side TLS handshakes.
scio-repl_2.10 0 scio-repl
client-https 0
ratatool_2.11 0 A tool for random data sampling and generation
scio-repl_2.11 0 scio-repl
ratatool_2.10 0 A tool for random data sampling and generation
client-tls-tools 0 Java tools for client-side TLS operations.
hamcrest 0
styx-cli 0
apollo-elide 0
styx 0
foss-root 0 The Spotify Root project helps establish consistent Maven conventions by being the parent POM for other participating projects.
dataproc-java-submitter 0 Java library for easy job submission to Google Cloud Dataproc
hamcrest-pojo 0
hamcrest-optional 0
hamcrest-jackson 0
hamcrest-future 0
styx-standalone-service 0
spark-bigquery_2.10 0 spark-bigquery
cassandra-extra 0 Set of tools enhancing testing experience with Apache Cassandra
async-google-pubsub-client 0
missinglink-benchmarks 0
async-datastore-client 0
missinglink-maven-plugin 0
missinglink-parent 0 Missinglink scans the bytecode of dependency libraries to attempt to find problems (such as NoSuchMethodError) caused by conflicting versions that would otherwise only be found at runtime.
netty4-zmtp 0 ZMTP, the ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol for Netty
helios-api-documentation 0
helios-integration-tests 0
helios-parent 0 A docker container orchestration system and deployment platform
docker-maven-plugin 0 A maven plugin for docker
netty-zmtp 0 ZMTP, the ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol for Netty
crtauth-agent-signer 0 An implementation of the Signer interface in crtauth-java that connects to the local ssh-agent.
apollo-slack 0
spark-bigquery_2.11 0 spark-bigquery
dockerfile-maven 0 A set of Maven tools for dealing with Dockerfiles
dockerfile-maven-plugin 0 Adds support for building Dockerfiles in Maven
scio-bigtable_2.10 0 Scio add-on for Google Cloud Bigtable
scio-bigtable_2.11 0 Scio add-on for Google Cloud Bigtable
scio-hdfs_2.10 0 Scio add-on for HDFS
scio-hdfs_2.11 0 Scio add-on for HDFS
trickle 0 A small library for composing asynchronous Java code.
netty-batch-flusher 0 A batch flusher for Netty
spawn 0
apollo-bom 0
apollo-parent 0 Java libraries for writing composable microservices
daemon 0 Class that implements a reload hook via SIGHUP