GroupId ai.h2o

Artifact + Usage Description
h2o-core 549 H2O Core
h2o-genmodel 179 H2O GenModel
h2o-algos 100 H2O Algorithms
h2o-web 98 H2O web client
google-analytics-java 81 This is Java API for Google Analytics (Measurement Protocol). More information about the protocol is available at
h2o-scala_2.10 78 H2O Scala API (Scala version 2.10.4)
h2o-persist-hdfs 73 H2O Persist HDFS
h2o-app 67 H2O Application Runner
reflections 66 Reflections - a Java runtime metadata analysis
sparkling-water-core_2.10 61 Sparkling Water Core
h2o-avro-parser 30 H2O Avro Parser
sparkling-water-repl_2.10 18 Sparkling Water Repl Package
sparkling-water-core_2.11 16 Sparkling Water Core
h2o-scala_2.11 16 H2O Scala API (Scala version 2.11.7)
deepwater-backend-api 14 DeepWater Backend API
h2o-persist-s3 14 H2O Persist S3
sparkling-water-ml_2.11 8 Sparkling Water ML Pipelines
sparkling-water-repl_2.11 8 Sparkling Water Repl Package
sparkling-water-ml_2.10 5 Sparkling Water ML Pipelines
h2o-flow 5 H2O Flow simplifies data science workflows
h2o-java-rest-bindings 0 H2O REST API bindings
sparkling-water-examples_2.11 0 Sparkling Water Examples
h2o-parquet-parser 0 H2O Parquet Parser
h2o-orc-parser 0 H2O Orc Parser
h2o-classic 0 A core of distributed platform for large data analysis.
h2o-bindings 0 H2O REST API bindings
h2o-classic-parent 0 H2O - the distributed platform for large data analysis.
sparkling-water-examples_2.10 0 Sparkling Water Examples